6th Grade ELA
Week of May 13- end of school

For the next two weeks students are working on voice and fluency in their drama plays.  Two plays will be practiced and read in front of the class: "The Phantom Tollbooth" and "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown".

Students will be in the high school computer labs typing their 10-12 paragraph informative essay on their country.  A rubric will be provided, so students can see where their grade falls and make changes if necessary.

We are finishing up the novel, The Cay by Theodore Taylor and watching the movie to compare the book with the movie.  If we have a few days left over, I will be reading the novel, A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck.  (This novel is about a boy and his sister who travel to their grandmother's house and tell numerous short stories of the craziness their grandmother brings to their lives.)

Language Arts:
We are finishing up our last two rules.
Rule #16 on Prepositional Phrases and Rule #17 on whether or not the prepositional phrase is adverbs or adjectives.