6th Grade ELA
Week of March 11-14

Reading:  Students are working on Connotation (the positive, negative, or neutral feeling of a word). Example:  childish, childlike, and youthful all mean the same, but youthful is more positive. 

Language Arts:  Students will be on Rule #15: Adverbs.

Writing:  Students are continuing their research on their informative essays.

Novels:  We are beginning chapter 12 this week and hope to read up to chapter 14 or 15. 

Week of March 04-07
Reading:  Students are working on Figurative Language with simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, alliteration and onomatopeia.

Language Arts:  Rule #14: Adjectives of comparative and superlative. 

Writing:  Students will be completing research on their informative essay.

Novels:  Students will continue to read the novel, ​Where the Red Fern Grows​ and discuss the novel in their literature circles.