5th Grade ELA
Week of May 13 - the end of the year

Monday: Students will be using the new vocabulary words in a sentence. (worksheet)

Tuesday: Students will use their voice and fluency skills to read their drama play about a chameleon who goes missing.  (Students will practice twice with their groups and then act/speak in front of class.)

Wednesday:  Students will be reading a play about missing money.  Our goal is to work on fluency and voice as well as speaking in front of others.

Thursday:  Students will begin practicing their play, "A Window into History".  This play is about a mystery in a grandma's cellar that years ago housed all the records of the town's history. 

Students will continue with their play on Thursday, practicing again their parts for the class.

Tuesday: Both groups will perform their play (no props) in front of their classmates.

Wednesday: Wrap up any loose ends and if time, complete a fun reading game.

Thursday:  Clean up our desks and any loose ends. We will play a reading game if time.

From now until the rest of the year, students will be going to the computer lab to type their 8-10 paragraph informative essay on their animal.  Students will also be given their rubric so they know how to earn an A.

​Language Arts:
​The first week we will complete pages 121-125 on comparing good with bad and when to use better with best  as well as worse and worst. 

​We will finish up our novel, ​Number the Stars ​by Lois Lowry and watch a movie called, ​Hidden in Silence. ​The movie is based on a true story about a young girl who hid Jews for many months.