5th Grade ELA
Week of January 21-24

Reading:  On Monday students will be finishing up their leveled reader on theme.  Tuesday we will not have reading class due to the 1st Semester Awards Assembly at 8am.  The rest of the week we will spend finishing up theme in literature.

Writing:  Students will be finishing up their journal writing by spending class time to free write.  Then students will be discussing how-to essays and why/what are important factors in procedural writing. 

Language Arts:  This week we will work on pronouns and antecedents.

Novels:  We should be finishing up our novel, ​Through My Eyes ​​by Ruby Bridges.  

Week of January 14-17

Reading:  We are finishing up suffixes and moving on to the theme of a text.  Theme is the overall message of a reading selection and what the reader learned from the story. It is NOT a recap of the characters or what they did.

Writing:  On Monday, we are creating the cover for our journal and the rest of the week we will be writing for about 12 minutes straight.  

Language Arts:  This week we are working on irregular verbs which are verbs that do not end in -ed.  For example, begin to began.  

Novels:  Students are continuing to read the novel, Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges.