6th Grade ELA
Week of January 21-24

Reading:  We will begin unit 3 on elements of nonfiction.  Our focus will be on critical thinking skills and suffixes.  

Writing:  Students are finishing up their procedural essays.  Essays are required to have a beginning with materials needed, how to accomplish a task with transition words instead of steps, an ending as well as if Ms. Payne can complete the task.

Language Arts:  Rule #23:  Titles and quotation marks.

Novels:  Students are continuing with the novel, ​Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry​.  Students are reading and meeting in literature circles to discuss the novel.  We hope to read chapters 5-8 this week.

Week of January 14-17

Reading:  On Monday, students will finish up drawing conclusions with a quiz from the text book.  Tuesday students will be discussing informational text and the comparison of an article and a map about the South Pole and the Journey to the Gold Rush.  Towards the end of the week, students will be in groups where they will work together to take their Unit 2 test. 

Writing:  Students have brainstormed what their step by step essay will be about and will now use class time to create their how to.  

Language Arts:  We are working on Rule #22: Quotation marks.  

Novel:  Students are continuing with the novel, ​​Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry​. Chapters 2 and 3 will be discussed in their literature circles on Monday.